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katrinasrecipes's Journal

Katrina's Recipes
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This is a place I created to post my recipes. Recipes I love, recipes I want to try, recipes I want to share.

I also hope to share interesting food information here.

I'm also including smaller whole meals to go along with a food and wellness program my employer has the staff in.

Anyone can join, add the community as a friend, or post comments.

Posting is moderated. If you want access to post, leave me a message or email me at celestialkiddy at gmail. I like people that I know for a while, and know they have tasty recipes. (AKA send me a link to your journal, send me some recipes, pictures of your food and things of that nature.) Pretty much if you've got good recipe's I'll let you post.

Be nice, or you will be banned.

I'm sure I'll add more to this later.